Preparing For Your Next Trip – While you Wait

Many of us have had to cancel or delay family trips, vacations or getaways during this time of COVID-19. While we look for things to keep us busy at home, it can help to have something to look forward to, like that trip! If it is a family trip, include the family in planning. If it is a getaway for you and your significant other, spend some time deciding what a great trip looks like to both of you. Traveling solo? You then get to make all the decisions! Here are a few items to think about or discuss when planning that trip:

  1. Who is taking the trip? Family, friends, spouse, solo?
  2. What are the ages of those taking the trip? Are there multiple age groups that will be on the trip and have different needs?
  3. How long will your trip be? Is it a weekend getaway, a week-long vacation or the trip of a lifetime overseas?
  4. What are the expectations for everyone to enjoy the trip? What do you want to see and do? Get input from everyone so they feel included.
  5. What type of a trip is it going to be? Active, relaxing, adventure, culture or volunteer oriented?
  6. When is the best time to take the trip? High season, low season, shoulder season (just on the edge of high season), summer or winter?
  7. What is the budget? Include travel to/from your destination, lodging, meals, rental car/taxi/train/car service costs, activities, gifts or keepsakes, tips or gratuities, taxes and fees for flights or lodging, slush fund for items you forgot or impulse buys! Take the time to see what you can do for free in your destination. There may be more options than you think!
  8. Where are you traveling? In-state, regional, across the country, international?
  9. Do you want to purchase travel insurance? Do some due diligence here before deciding to purchase travel insurance and from whom?
  10. Share the research if you can! Have someone check out lodging options, someone else can look into activities available and another person can check into restaurants to visit during your trip. It is another way to include everyone in the planning.

Have fun, do your research, pick your top three destinations and then narrow it down from there.