About Me

Travel is my passion! I have been fortunate to travel around the world and still have plenty of places on my bucket list! I started traveling as a Trip Director right out of college. I couldn’t believe someone was paying me to travel around the world, stay in beautiful hotels, eat at fabulous restaurants and enjoy local experiences. My blog is about my years of travel, places I have seen, roads I have traveled (literally) and my random two cents on traveling and travel items. As I continue to share my stories, thoughts and recommendations, please ask questions and let me know if there is more of something you would like to hear about from me. Thank you!


As I mentioned, I have been fortunate to travel around the world and I am often asked how I got started traveling, do I have a favorite destination and if I have any fun or crazy stories to tell. So, here are the stories of my travel life and how it all began.

Places to go

My Travels are short highlights about the destinations I have traveled to both during my travel career and personal life. 

Things to think about

My 2 Cents is just that, my thoughts, opinions or recommendations on a variety of topics. I will talk about travel in general, travel items, destinations, lodging, activities and more.